Phillip White - Founder, fungimental

When sustainable entrepreneur Gunter Pauli did a TED Talk a few years ago on what he coined The Blue Economy, Phillip White listened and learned. And from this, the Fungimental seed was sown. Inspired and energised, Phillip was intent on creating a business model around nature, sustainability and the ability to rapidly reduce the impact of consumption and waste. And so Fungimental sprouted!

The ethos behind Fungimental is so simple yet the road is a weaving and wonderfully complex one. Let me explain...

In it's most simple guise, Fungimental collects coffee waste from a group of high-powered, megawatt coffee consumers (think Qantas, Virgin Australia, The Star Casino, Barangaroo, Westfield and more) and uses that waste to grow gourmet oyster mushrooms that taste sensational.

And while this may seem all about good coffee, great mushies and zero waste, this Fungimental tale has so much more fire in its belly!

At the heart of Fungimental is the urge to make a difference, one meagre mushroom at a time.

The ultimate aim of the business is to provide maximum environmental, social and economical benefits in any place that we operate, whislt supplying the local market with delicious, locally produced gourmet mushrooms.
— Phillip WHite, Founder Fungimental

The main Fungimental facility is in final negotiations and will be happily situated on the rooftop of a prominent Sydney CBD building. With an initial launch due to take place in a retail unit on the ground floor of Central Park in Ultimo, Fungimental will design a fruiting tunnel that will allow people to get up close and personal with the mushrooms!

Excitingly, Fungimental is installing a mushroom wall that will become chief mushroom provider to VIVE Cooking School, imparting a growing knowledge of this fab fungi through the VIVE cooking classes. Incredibly fresh, seriously yum!

For more information please head to the Fungimental website here.