We believe in igniting people's passion and curiosity for food to empower them to thrive.

My own story is steeped in a deep respect for food and traditions based on my French Cambodian heritage. My parents migrated to France in 1975 after fleeing the Cambodian civil war. Arriving with very little including a lack of local knowledge and language, assimilation wasn't easy - but through dogged determination and hard work, my parents eventually settled in this new country, developing a successful business venture and raising a family.

Despite the long working days in this new country, my parents always made time to cook dinner and share this ritual with my siblings and I each evening. When I asked my mum how she managed to find the energy to cook after her long working days, her response was always the same -  "You, your brother and sister are the source of our success. Seeing you happy at the dining table each evening reminds us why we are working so hard’’.

Just as my parents taught me the importance of family and rituals all those years ago, our mission for VIVE Cooking School is to empower individuals through the cooking and sharing of nourishing food with family and friends. More than that, we hope to educate and enable a deeper connection with the artisans responsible for growing, selecting and selling the produce that ends up on our plates.

VIVE Cooking School is a tribute to my hard-working and nurturing mother and father. My parents have since left France and moved back to Cambodia where they have created an incredible restaurant that goes by the name of Happy Family - a place to come together, cook and share with our ever-extending family and friends.

We are very much on the same path - we hope you will also join our culinary journey.

Jean-Luc Tan / Founder CEO

VIVE Cooking School Jean-Luc Tan Founder

"At VIVE we believe in igniting people's passion and curiosity for food to empower them to thrive."

Jean-Luc Tan / Founder CEO

VIVE Cooking School Team Members

"We bring together a community of food experts to reshape the way people think about food"

Jean-Luc: CEO, Vivien: CFO, & Martine: COO