Joel, Artisan Butcher by trade

Joel, Artisan Butcher by trade

Joel Aka The Butcher

Hailing from Darwin, Joel earned his stripes from a young age, wielding a knife from 14 years of age in a bid to appease his father's lament at his burning desire to ditch his formal education for something more hands on. And the rest, as they say, is history.

From humble beginnings, Joel has stayed true to his roots, creating a meat mantra that strikes a chord with anyone searching for local, free range, ethically-produced, sustainable, nose-to-tail premium meats. 

In 2012, Joel and wife Michelle opened artisan butcher shop Kingsmore Meats (previously Kingsley Meats) in Rose Bay. Since that time, his meat mantra has not wavered. More importantly, it has flourished. Providing a service greater than his meat, Kingsmore Meats thrives on the local community, dishing out cooking tips and handy advice to an increasingly loyal clientele.

Joel prides himself on his longstanding relationships with the farmers who produce the Kingsmore daily catch. Joel regularly heads out of town to visit his producers and see first hand the animals that will eventually end up in his store.

Over the course of his butchering career Joel has witnessed a significant shift in the way people prepare and cook their food. As with nearly everything, butchering is not immune to trends. And while sustainability and the notion of nose-to-tail is a relatively new concept to most, it's been a way of life for Joel since he donned his apron all those years ago. This steadfastness and commitment to his ethos is what makes Joel a true artisan of his trade.

““I have seen a huge shift in the way people think about their food over the past 10 years or so. The notion of nose-to-tail, sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals is in my DNA, cultivated way back when I was a young boy just starting out in Darwin. It’s refreshing to see such a positive shift in people’s relationship with the origin of their food.”

— Joel Houghton, butcher and owner, Kingsmore Meats

Kingsmore Meats will be opening their second site at the Vive precinct in mid-April. As well as supplying meat to Vive Cooking School and the retail crowd, Joel will also be collaborating with Vive to teach people the tricks of his trade.

From sausage-making and chicken-boning to knife sharpening and bone broths, Joel will impart his knowledge as a regular contributor to the Vive community.

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