Frequently Asked Questions


Are your classes hands-on or demonstrations?

Most of our paid classes are hands-on, and some involve the visit of the market. On occasion, we will host special guests where the format may be a demonstrations, so please read the description of the class you’re registering for.

What is the format of a typical cooking class?

Our hero class "Let's Cook" is a hands-on experiences. After a short demo from our chef, you will work with your teammates to recreate the dishes of the day. In some classes you will cook on your own and in others you will cook with a team or a partner. Your class, as a group, will prepare the menu in its entirety however, some of the components of the dishes might be prepared ahead by the chef if they do require longer cooking times than the class allows for. 
Throughout your class, your chef will point out key techniques that you'll be able to use at home.
Most classes end with the class sitting down as a group and eating the delicious dishes prepared by yourself. This is a time for sharing, connecting with your friends and other class members and asking as many questions as you would like to our chef.

What do I need to bring to the class?

You do not need to bring anything, however we strongly recommend you wear comfortable shoes that are sturdy and closed-toed. We have some space allocated for your bags and jackets.
The kitchens at VIVE Cooking School are fully equipped with state of the art appliances and crockery so you can just come and start cooking. Aprons, recipes and food all will also be provided to you.

Can I bring my knives to the Knife Skills and knife sharpening Classes?

You most certainly can bring your own favourite knives if you wish, however, you do not need to.

Do I need to eat before the class?

Most of the time you will eat the food you prepare so you don't have to eat before the class start. We will also prepare little canapes and finger food on arrival. You will never go home hungry!

IS there a bathroom near by?

Yes, there are bathrooms located next to the cooking school.

I lost my recipes books can I get a copy?

Yes, we can send you a soft copy, just request your copy and let us know which class you attended.

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