Truffle Croque Madame + Liquid Nitrogen Truffle Ice Cream


Truffle Croque Madame + Liquid Nitrogen Truffle Ice Cream


Saturday 3 August
11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Classic Croque Madame and Truffle infused Liquid Nitrogen ice cream. Simply delicious!

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One of the most fabulous things about the change of seasons is the change in the food we're able to access, cook and eat. Right now, it's cold outside which means truffles are on the menu!

And this weekend, we're honoured to have Carmine Di Campli of Fish River Truffiere in the VIVE kitchen, working his magic alongside VIVE’s head chef to educate and inspire around all things truffle!


  • How to achieve the perfect Croque Madame each time

  • How to get the most from using truffles and then give their intoxicating flavour to the liquid nitrogen ice cream that you prepare


  • Cooking Skills that will last you a lifetime

  • Delicious dishes to enjoy with your fellow classmates during the class

  • Any leftovers to take home

  • The recipes for all the dishes prepared during the class


  • Your love of truffles

  • We recommend you wear some comfortable closed-toe shoes as you will be standing for most of the time

Rituals around food were the fabric of my family life, as was the pull of the land. Every now and then the subject of purchasing a farm would come up but it was always dismissed as a fantasy, until recently. We heard about a farm with truffles, an olive grove and a river flowing through it - everything we were looking for and more. The rest, as they say, is history.
— Carmine Di Campli, Fish River Truffiere

Colours of the truffle grove at Fish River Truffiere

As with most VIVE collaborators, Carmine Di Campli has a great story to tell. The son of Italian immigrants, Carmine and his family (mum, dad and sister) settled in Sydney's Rosebery, long before the appearance of The Cannery and VIVE Cooking School. A lot may have changed in Rosebery over the years, but Carmine's parents are still happily at home in what they once considered 'the best kept secret in Sydney'!

Living their Australian lives steeped in deep Italian tradition and rituals, Carmine and his sister were surprised to learn that not every household in Rosebery had a self-sustaining vegetable garden and egg-producing chickens in their backyard! Through simple circumstance and unwavering tradition, Carmine and his family learned an early appreciation of whole, seasonal food and the rituals that have since become hallmarks of their lives. From the annual tomato passata-making to harvesting and cooking mussels found in the waters at Botany Bay, this family shares a lifelong love and celebration of food, family and friends.

So why truffles?

Carmine and his family had always dreamed of owning a farm one day. So when presented with the option to purchase some land complete with truffles, olives and a flowing river, the allure was too great and the deal was done!

So we welcome Fish River Truffiere. As the name suggests, this family owned and operated business is located on the banks of the Fish River that flows through the O’Connell Valley in central west NSW. In 2002, 1,000 oak and hazelnut trees were planted on this picturesque property resulting in the the production and supply of fresh, premium truffles to restaurants in both Bathurst and Sydney since 2007.

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