Mother’s Day: Top 5 gifts experiences

Mother's day is coming! If you still cannot decide what the ideal gift is to buy for Mum, no need to worry, we´ve got you covered. Below we have prepared our TOP 5 Mother's Day gift ideas focusing on fun and lasting experiences! Why choose a gift that emphasizes the experience gained?

Because the thrill of receiving a physical gift fades quickly, but the joy and memories of experiences, epic adventures, last a lifetime. Check out our suggestions and surprise her with an unforgettable experience!

1. Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is a time-honored tradition and Mum deserves nothing more than a day of rest, relaxation and comfort. What could be a better experience than mum sleeping in a little bit and being surprised with breakfast in bed from her loving family? Check out our breakast recipes.

2. High Tea

On Mother’s Day, mum may just want to sit back and relax. For good reason too! We all know mum does a lot for us and this is a day where she deserves to do something for herself. High Tea could be just the experience she needs and it’s fun for everyone. No need to pull out the gloves or chef hat.


3. Wine Tasting

 “Yes I would love some wine with my meal” Does this sound like something your mother would say? Then we’ve got just the right gift! Wine tasting experiences are the ultimate indulgence. She’ll never confuse fruity with woody again after a day of wine appreciation.


4. Cook a delicious but easy 2 course meal

We know that food brings people together and that behind every great memory there is a dish around. Download our special Mother’s Day recipe book, where we take you through all the steps to make a delicious Paella and Churros with chocolate sauce to cook for mum and the rest of the Family. Download our recipes on the next link.

5. Cooking classes

If cooking a 2 course meal seems a little too challenging, come with mum at VIVE for a memorable culinary experience. She deserves the best, so why not buy our VIVE Cooking School gift card? There are enough options available for Mum to learn something new, fun and engaging. She will be able to choose from a variety of cooking classes ranging from Italian, Spanish, French etc. Regardless of the class she chooses, she is sure to be surprised with an unforgettable experience, new memories, and quality time that will last a lifetime.