def: FERMENTATION - the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeast or other microorganisms.


Hello passionate foodies!

This week we're thrilled to present yet another talented collaborator and contributor to the VIVE Cooking School story.

Gillian Kozicki of Cultured Artisans is a passionate, community-minded, whole food advocate and fermentation guru. I had the pleasure of chatting with Gillian late last week and you can learn more about her inspired story and wellness campaign in today's blog.

In its most simple form, Gillian yearns for us all to invest in our future through the simple notion of good health now. Inspired and driven, we are honoured to have Gillian share her knowledge in the VIVE Cooking School kitchen in her upcoming fermentation class.

Spaces are limited so we urge you to jump online here and book a spot now! Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to try your hand at fermentation.

With less than two weeks until our school opens, we are energised daily by the formidable community of artisans who are making the VIVE Cooking School journey all the more extraordinary. There is so much to share and learn - come with us on our fine food journey!

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It’s time to reconnect, revive and recognise the place of fermenting and wholefoods in our lives.
— Gillian Kozicki, founder, Cultured Artisans


I chatted with inspired fermentation advocate Gillian Kozicki of Cultured Artisans recently to garner a little knowledge on the rise and rise of fermentation. This astute, intelligent, engaged business woman had layer upon layer of thoughts, making for a wonderful conversation on a sunny Friday morning!

When we spoke, Gillian was returning from an organic farmers market on Sydney's northern beaches, her car overflowing with a haul of fresh, organic, seasonal produce for her weekend workshop. Lucky those who were attending the fermentation workshop with Cultured Artisans last weekend!

With good health and fermentation at the forefront of our mind, here is the Gillian Kozicki story.

Quite often there's a trigger that kick-starts a passionate life - and this story is no exception. In Gillian Kozicki's case, the trigger was her health,

For most of her life, Gillian has suffered from a chronic illness that has required a myriad of medication, leaving her body and mind feeling lacklustre and disengaged. With a feeling that she was experiencing a life half lived, Gillian decided there must be more.

In 2008, she studied a design system for living known as permaculture, and in 2009 travelled to Tennessee to study Carbon Farming, which included a class on the Soil Foodweb. With her eyes wide open, the trip was life-changing in more ways than one. Gillian was sharing the class with acclaimed food activist and fermentation expert Sandor Katz. Over endless conversations discussing the connection between the microbiology of soil and the microbiology within humans, the seed was sown. To say this was a light-bulb moment would be an understatement of grand proportions!

Gillian went on to attend classes of Sandor Katz in both Australia and the UK, eager to learn more about the biology of the gut and the intrinsic relationship between the land, our food and our overall wellbeing.

With today's Western society plagued by gut and other health issues, there simply had to be a shift in the way people thought about and addressed their health. At a recent Wellness Workshop in Sydney, Gillian was elated to learn that the number one food trend for 2016 is a desire to learn and understand the origins and essence of our food. Slowly but surely, the message is spreading.

It’s about taking back the power over our bodies. With a clear education we can make more informed decisions now to secure our future health. It’s that simple.
— Gillian Kozicki, founder, Cultured Artisans

Gillian's fermentation foray and the birth of Cultured Artisans began as a desire to share her knowledge and to empower people to take control of their health. But it's so much more than that. The notion of community and family sits strongly with Gillian, and she's a strong advocate for the connectivity between the land, the producers and the food that we eat. For Gillian, community is an integral and essential bi-product of people rediscovering and respecting food as medicine.

Fermentation is one very important step that allows people to engage with their health. For Gillian, while she can't forgo her meds completely, the consumption of fermented foods and a change in her eating habits has dramatically and positively impacted her health and her life.

Gillian is currently writing a book on fermentation, due to hit the shelves this Christmas. Her hope for the book is to offer a grass roots fermentation education - informing and inspiring people on the myriad health benefits to be gained from this ancient practice.

The ethos between Gillian and VIVE is strongly aligned - we share the same sense of community, a connectivity with the land, and a desire to strengthen our bonds with the artisans who produce the food we consume.

Gillian will be conducting a fermentation workshop at VIVE Cooking School on Friday 17 June 2016. Don't miss out on your chance to share the space with this inspiring woman - book here now!