def: DURABLE - lasting; enduring; able to withstand wear, pressure or damage.


Hello VIVE friends and foodies...

Last week we spoke of the importance of the kitchen as a place where people come together to cook, create and share food. We proudly introduced the incredible artisans who have worked tirelessly with us to build our state-of-the-art kitchen - and soon it will be open for all to see.

This week we continue to celebrate our partnerships in the countdown to opening. We are honoured and thrilled to welcome two very familiar faces into the VIVE kitchen - well known French cookware brand Chasseur, and famous French chef Manu Feildel!

The Chasseur brand is synonymous with quality craftsmanship and cooking confidence.

And Manu? As Brand Ambassador for Chasseur, Manu needs no introduction. Popular TV personality, co-host of My Kitchen Rules, brand ambassador, father, wanna-be circus performer and, of course, extremely talented chef - we're pretty excited to share the kitchen with these two incredible brands.

With the kitchen near completion and Chasseur cookwear on the stove, we've hatched a plan with the talented Manu to perform a masterclass at VIVE that will knock your culinary socks off! Booking details will be released through our members-only newsletter this Thursday. So sign up here and be the first to cook up a storm with Manu - limited spots, unlimited cooking potential!

And on the menu? Read on for a little Manu Q&A and details of the mouthwatering meal he will be preparing with you at VIVE.

For all other classes and times, head to our website here and book your spots NOW! We're offering introductory discounted rates on all classes so jump online now and don't miss out!

Until next week...

The VIVE team



Like me, Chasseur is tough and lasts forever. That’s what I love most – a durability that makes it a really sound kitchen investment.’
— Manu Feildel, Chef and Chasseur Brand Ambassador

Chasseur is a classic French cookware brand, producing enameled cast-iron cookware in the Champagne Ardenne region of France since 1924. Tough and built to last, this exceptionally hard-wearing cookware is resistant to high temperatures, allows an even heat distribution and looks as good as it performs!

Chasseur is proud to be supplying the cookware to VIVE Cooking School, as well as supporting a continued collaboration with VIVE through dedicated masterclasses in conjunction with the Chasseur brand.


A long-time fan of Chasseur, Manu Feildel joined forces with the classic French cooking brand three years ago as company Brand Ambassador. With both entities flying the flag for food, fame and France, this fitting collaboration between Chasseur and Manu really does seem like a match made in culinary heaven!

We fired a little Q&A at team Manu this week to find out more about this larger-than-life personality and talented chef. We hope you enjoy these little insights:

Vive: Were you always destined to become a chef?

Manu: I come from a long line of chefs so food has always been a big part of my life. My great grandfather was a chef, my grandfather a chef, my father a chef and my mother a great cook! My mother insisted I work for my father in his restaurant when I left school to keep me out of trouble - the more I worked in the kitchen the greater my passion became. Before food, I actually wanted to be a circus entertainer and even joined an amateur circus. I guess you could say, food won!

Vive: What's it like working on MKR? Is it as fraught with tension as the editor would have the public believe or is there a lot of behind-the-scenes laughter?

Manu: MKR is a lot of fun but it is still work! There are lots of high tension moments when teams are competing against the clock but are are lots of fun times too. We have a great team working on the show and with many of us there since Series 1, it's a nice, familiar environment to work in.

Vive: Other than your commitment with MKR and collaboration with Chasseur, what's an average day for Manu Feildel?

Manu: I have just written my fourth cookbook with my wife Clarissa - filled with lots of delicious family recipes, it is due for release just before Christmas. Other than that it's travelling, filming, cooking, appearances, book signings, no day is ever the same!

Vive: Do you have a secret and not-so-sophisticated food indulgence?

Manu: Two Minute Noodles!

Vive: We are so excited that you will be sharing your cooking skills at VIVE - can you divulge the menu for your upcoming VIVE masterclass?

Manu: We will be cooking two dishes - a simple garlic prawn dish and a slightly more complicated dish of Boudin St Jacques which will involve learning to create a beautiful crustacean bisque to go with the scallop boudin. I hope we can teach some new techniques and have lots of fun along the way!

“Les bon outils font les bon Artisans.”
The good tools make the good artisans!
— Manu Feildel, Chef and Chasseur Brand Ambassador

Photo of Manu by Simon Hewson of fa tog’ra fi

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