def: THIRST - a strong desire; a feeling of wanting or needing to drink something



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This week we chat to urban distiller Archie Rose. These guys have nailed the notion of niche distilling, proving that with drive, determination and very little sleep, anything is possible!

We also share with you our Thirst for Knowledge class available at VIVE. Offering a range of skills to complement your cooking, this class will give you the knowledge and confidence to create some seriously snazzy cocktails or wow with your impressive wine know-how!

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For just a moment, I'd like to transport you to a time when regulations were rife and alcohol was the same, albeit under a veil of secrecy.

And what better way to disguise your tipple than under the assumed pseudonym, "Archie".

Fast forward what must seem like a lifetime, and the art of distilling is alive and well at award-winning distillery Archie Rose in Sydney's Rosebery. Perfectly curated and personally-distilled, this story that began with dark-alleys and secret doorways has produced an open, inner city distillery and bar venue that should make Australia proud.

Archie + Rosebery = Archie Rose

Archie Rose Distilling Co. is the realisation of a lifelong dream for founder Will Edwards. Since its 2013 launch, the unique and tasty Archie Rose has been stirring the pot in the distilling world, picking up a plethora of well-deserved accolades. And the awards are rife. There's the distillery. The bar. The tours. The tastings. The masterclasses. Check, check, check, check and check!

Will Edwards is the man, mind and motivation behind Archie Rose. And this man is certainly motivated. Growing up surrounded by a savvy entrepreneurial family unit, Will headed down the corporate path before realising that there was a teeny little distilling dream that had yet to be nourished.

While spirit infusion and oak maturation was initially just a pipe dream, Will took the plunge and hedged his bets during an extended "learn-cation" to the depths of New York's Brooklyn where post-prohibition distilleries had once been rife. Learn, learn, learn my friends, and learn he did.

Now in its third year and forging a path from strength to strength, the trajectory of craft distiller Archie Rose is onwards and upwards.

And it's the knots and knuckles that make this enterprise the success that it is. With a world of accountability and experience, Archie's differences come in spades.

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Archie Rose is one of the very few niche distilleries in existence in Australia, albeit the world. This unique distillery has mastered gin, vodka and rye (whisky) with the addition of pure botanicals for a beautifully tailored flavour-hit that adds a greater complexity to these already well-crafted tipples.

Need more? You can visit the distillery and watch these spirits being crafted by hand. Even better, create your own tailored vodka, gin or whisky with the expert distillers, sealing the deal with a beautifully presented and personalised bottle of something delicious and very much yours. Sigh.

As if we needed anymore reason to be in good spirits, Archie Rose Distilling Co. has upped the ante in the world of locally crafted spirits. We encourage you to go, taste, explore. Mine for a flavour and make it your own.

“The City of Sydney once had a thriving local distilling industry and culture. Archie Rose is our way of honouring that rich history whilst offering Sydneysiders the chance to experience genuine grain to glass spirits production onsite.”
— Will Edwards, founder

Archie Rose is happily esconced within The Cannery precinct in Rosebery, neighbours to existing stalwarts Koskela and Black Star Pastry and soon to be marketplace Saporium and VIVE Cooking School.

We look forward to some fun in the VIVE kitchen with the Archie Rose crew.

savour the flavour of your favourite tipple!

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After whetting our palettes with the incredible Archie Rose, it seems poignant to impart the details of our VIVE Cooking School Thirst for Knowledge classes.

Food and drink. Drink and food. What is one without the other?

As with food, it seems everyone has their own unique tipple they like to call their own. Perhaps you're a wine aficionado and want to learn more about your red, white and rosé! Or after reading about the impressive story behind Archie Rose, perhaps your interest in spirits has been piqued. Are you after something a little more remedial in the form of fermented Kombucha? Cocktails anyone?

From food and drink pairing to coffee and cocktail making, our Thirst for Knowledge class will have you armed and dangerous at your next dinner party or breezy brunch! Served up with equal parts knowledge and fun, this class has the potential to get your giggle on!

Feeling thirsty? To register your interest, please head here and pop in your details.