Older . Wiser . Willing to Share

def: TRADITION - a long established custom or belief that has been passed down from one generation to another



Hello friends of VIVE!

This week we take a trip down memory lane, pondering the wisdom and mouthwatering recipes of our older generations.

Most of us have a special food memory locked away in our culinary hearts, a heartwarming dish that can trigger an avalanche of feel good vibes with just a tiny nose-tickling scent. Our Grandma Knows Best class is all about sharing those special recipes and gaining the knowledge and experience of our older generations.

We have much to learn from the old and the wise - and Grandma's favourite recipes sit pretty high on the list! We think you'll agree, this is one class to tickle the taste buds and warm the soul.

We'd also like to update you on the opening of VIVE Cooking School.

As you know, we sit at the beating heart of a new food precinct called Saporium in Sydney's Rosebery. Within this incredible marketplace, there are an abundant of food artisans who are working tirelessly each day to get the marketplace alive and bustling for your cooking and dining pleasure.

We're all working together to ensure the success of this incredibly exciting venture, and as sometimes happens, the timing has wavered a little. With so much to complete under one dynamic roof, we are now aiming to throw open the doors to VIVE at the beginning of June, just in time for some hearty winter cooking!

We promise to keep you updated on any further developments, and like you, remain ever excited about sharing the VIVE vision with our food-loving audience.

Until next week...

The VIVE team.



If God had intended us to follow recipes, He wouldn’t have given us grandmothers.”
— Anon

Parents, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, or simply darling older friends - most of us have someone who has mapped a memory in our food hearts.

A beautifully soothing soup to shake the winter blues.
A freshly baked cake for afternoon tea.
A warming roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Grandparents play a pivotal role in the family unit - they provide an unconditional love, often with little discipline and loaded with treats! They're no longer in a rush, instead willing to sit and share with unbridled patience and an abundance of time. They lovingly share their knowledge of a lifetime with the ease and integrity of someone who is truly comfortable in their ageing skin. They have a wisdom that only comes with time, trial and perhaps the odd little error!

If you've ever been in the kitchen with one of these time-tested cooks, you'll know that more often than not there are no recipes on hand to recreate their culinary successes. With ingredients and methods etched only in their minds, the task is set to look, listen and learn all that you can.

This older generation have the ability to repair bonds while imparting some serious cooking knowledge and well-held culinary secrets. Food speaks a universal language - and family elders hold similar positions in cultures the world over.

It's time and knowledge, love and patience. They've seen it and done it quite a few times more than we have, and from these golden oldies, we have much to learn.



There's a certain timelessness to a well-worked recipe - it becomes a badge of honour, a mark of something older, wiser and brimming with culinary confidence. It's a memory, etched into the hearts, minds and palettes of loved ones who yearn to continue the flavours in kitchens of their own.

Our Grandma Knows Best class at VIVE aims to unlock and share those well-worn recipes, hints and kitchen tricks that have been learned, refined and passed on from the wise cooks before us.

The waft of Grandma's hot buttery scones fresh from the oven or the aroma of Grandpa's perfect pasta sauce. These are the moments to savour and re-create in this home-style cooking class.

Grandma Knows Best will feature a wonderful range of established cooks, from well-known chefs in the public arena to a special family member who has kitchen talent in spades. With the help of our wonderful Head Chef Julien Vasseur, these special guests will impart their secrets so that we may continue the memories, ready for the next generation, and the one after that.

If you have a grandparent or older influence in your life who is an exceptional home cook, then perhaps they'll be interested in sharing their secrets in the VIVE kitchen? If this sounds like you - or you're simply interested in learning from a realm of established cooks - then head to our Grandma Knows Best page here for more details.

We will have our class timetable available very soon and then you will see who our Grandma Knows Best stars really are!