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kitchen collaborators

Welcome back foodies!

As the days get shorter and the shadows get longer, somehow in Sydney, the heat is staying constant! At least for now...

Hot weather suits Sydney - and it certainly suits our special guest this week. Scott Gooding is a health and fitness expert who hones his craft on the salty sands of Bondi Beach. I caught up with Scott this week to find out what makes this paleo advocate and health expert tick, tick, tick!

We also feature yet another fabulous VIVE Cooking School class this week - Special Guests. And as the name suggests, it profiles the type of 'specials' who will be offering their creative cooking expertise in the VIVE kitchen. We love the notion of collaboration at VIVE, particularly with industry professionals who can push our culinary boundaries.

As always, we hope all is well and your kitchens are oozing constant creativity, offering up that daily food hug that we love, need and crave. Food is the ultimate nurturer, spread the word!

And a quick update on the school opening - as yet there is no fixed date to open but don't lose sight of this already fixed food address. VIVE will be with you very soon - and we are very very excited!

Until next week...

The VIVE team.

SCOTT GOODING - lean + clean


A firm fixture on the Sydney lean and clean food circuit, the name Scott Gooding may sit happily on your bookshelf with other health-inspired tomes. Or you may recognise the moniker from the hit Channel 7 TV show My Kitchen Rules - or MKR to the hardened and hearty!

While this national spotlight was the perfect launchpad for the Scott Gooding brand, the experience wasn't always an easy one. The lights, camera, action of the MKR experience were both exhilarating and frightening for the naturally reserved Scott, but presented an opportunity to find his voice on a larger scale - and the rest, as they say, is history.

I chatted recently to paleo advocate and health guru Scott on what makes this lean, clean health machine tick.

UK born Scott has nurtured a love of food and fitness from a very young age. Growing up in London, his parents owned and ran a stable of pubs that veered away from the standard fare of the time and focused on healthy, flavoursome, hearty pub fare. But with such hard work came a standard ethos - fend for yourself little man! While his parents were working hard, Scott remembers heading into the pub's industrial kitchen and throwing open the doors to a fridge bursting with fresh, wholesome food. And so the path was set.

From an early start as a personal trainer, Scott's journey from London to Bondi has been full to the brim with health, fitness and food. Now with young son Tashi as his future focus and inspiration, Scott has his heart set on educating our kids on how to be their very best through a healthy mix of food, exercise and common sense! The message is pretty simple - you are what you eat, so eat mindfully and with integrity. He shares these thoughts and spreads this message through the Scott Gooding Project and his various books and health industry endorsements.

Eating raw, clean and organic food is paramount for optimal health. It is necessary to eliminate sugary-based, processed and synthetic foods if you want long-term results and health.
— Scott Gooding, founder, Scott Gooding Project

So what's an average day for this health maverick? Each weekday morning, you'll find Scott putting people through their paces on Bondi Beach with his Scott Gooding Fitness Bootcamps. Followed by some personal training sessions, it's then time to cool down and head into the office for any number of activities that exist in the Scott Gooding empire.

Along with good mate and fellow MKR contestant Luke Hines, Scott has published an impressive six clean living, paleo-inspired cook books. From cook books and endorsements to training and the Scott Gooding Project, I'm guessing an average day in the life of Scott is far from being average!

Scott hopes to spread his message of health and fitness through collaborations with VIVE Cooking School and Special Guest spots in the VIVE kitchen.

Scott's latest book Nourished is available through iTunes.

sharing the talent in the vive kitchen



There's nothing quite like some new blood to really turn up the heat in the kitchen!

The Special Guest class at VIVE is all about collaborating and learning from the best. This class will push your culinary boundaries and open your eyes to new and exciting skills as we welcome well-known chefs and food industry leaders into the kitchen.

This collaborative approach is integral to the VIVE ethos - and will provide a kitchen experience to remember! Learn tips and tricks from the tried and tested, as an ever-changing schedule of food professionals will share with your their very own repertoire of food secrets. Listen, learn, cook and finally eat with some well-known faces in the VIVE kitchen - sounds pretty good to me!

So if rubbing shoulders with food royalty is what makes your heart sing (and your stomach rumble!), then we can't wait to share with you some of the household names that will be donning their aprons in the VIVE kitchen.

This class will include a demonstration and hands-on cooking - for more information please head to our website here.