def: FOOD – a nourishing substance taken into the body to sustain life

At Vive, we simply love food.

Since the beginning of time, food has not only nourished the body but has provided a deep sense of connection for families, friends, communities. There is something supremely powerful about the simple act of preparing and sharing a meal – and at Vive, this is what we want to share with you.

With a deep respect for food traditions, our vision has been to create a new style of urban foraging, cooking and feasting for Sydney’s food lovers – a place for people to experience a paddock-to-plate marketplace and cooking school like no other.

And so Vive Cooking School was born.


Welcome to our blog!

Vive is Sydney’s newest cooking school and the beating heart of an exciting new urban food hub located within The Cannery Rosebery precinct.

There is so much to tell you about Vive and the community that we are proud to be part of – a perfectly curated group of talented local artisans that have come together through a shared love of food to create an exceptional inner city marketplace and kitchen.

We have the butcher, the baker, the barista, the wholefoods and much, much more – and at the centre of this urban market sits Vive. So much more than a cooking school, Vive and its community is a place to shop, learn, eat, share and, of course cook!

There are nine classes on offer, covering all the essentials from knife skills, pickling and kids in the kitchen to seasonality, sauces and creating the ultimate three course meal.

So come on our journey and join in the fun! Each week we’ll be bringing you class overviews, profiles on our neighbours and the artisans in our community, as well as mouthwatering recipes and other fabulous foodie fodder.

The countdown to opening is on! So enjoy our weekly food musings and sharpen your knives, Vive Cooking School is on its way.

Together with you, I hope that Vive Cooking School will become home to an engaging community of passionate cooks of all skills and ages, looking for a deeper connection with how they shop, source, prepare and share food. Our local food artisans provide the very best of what this beautiful country has to offer - and we in turn plan to guide you on the very best way to prepare and enjoy these offerings.
— Jean-Luc Tan, Founder


Let me tell you a little about the man who will be slicing, dicing and wielding his knife at the Vive helm. Introducing Julien Vasseur, the Vive Cooking School Head Chef and creative cooking supremo! Hailing from Alsace, France, Julien attended one of France's top culinary schools before putting his learning into practice in a myriad of kitchens the world over.

From junior chef to head chef and private chef for the elite, Julien's love and respect for the sourcing, preparing and cooking of food has not waivered. But it wasn't until he was involved in setting up Sydney's Williams-Sonoma cooking school is 2013 that the penny dropped. After all those wonderful years honing his craft, it was now time for Julien to impart his knowledge to others.

With his wealth of knowledge and love of food, we're honoured to have Julien sharing his secrets and cooking up a storm at our urban food haven!

Life is too short for bad food. I’ve spent the past 15 years learning how to best prepare, enjoy and respect an incredible variety of ingredients, and I want to pass that knowledge onto everyone!
— Julien Vasseur


With such a diverse range of courses on offer at Vive, each week we plan bring you a little background on each one. From the veteran home chef to the newly inspired, we have something to suit all tastes and abilities.

Today my friends, it's Let's Cook!

Vive's hero class, Let's Cook is a hands-on, don't-hold-back, show-me-more cooking class! Implementing secrets from the chef's vault, Julien will take you on a journey from country to continent and back again, dishing out wisdom that will enable you to master those difficult classics and build on your cooking repertoire.

From classic dishes to contemporary menus, this course will have you plating up a masterpiece or rolling out an exquisite three-course-meal. And then, of course, you must sit down and eat!

Offering a two or three hour option, Let's Cook is one for the serious foodie!