ASHLEY & DEej - founders The Choc Pot

Ashley and his bride-to-be Deej just love the sweet stuff! And hearing how this melting pot of deliciousness came to be is a pretty cool story in itself.

From humble beginnings, Ash grew up surrounded by good food - from helping out in his parents Indian grocery store to happily volunteering his spoon-licking services during his mother's many baking bonanzas, food was a focus.

And so the seed was sown.

Of course, there were a few tiny detours on the way to dessert nirvana. A psychology degree, a little IT recruitment and then a few years into a medical degree and finally the penny dropped. This was not the right path - and so The Choc Pot was born!

The Choc Pot mantra is a pretty simple one - to create beautiful desserts in a dedicated restaurant, from scratch and from the finest ingredients.

Without any 'formal' training, Ash and Deej have achieved their success through a combination of sweet passion and simple hard work. And this dedication has paid off - in less than three years they have built their own little, mouthwatering dessert empire!

The incredible desserts on the menu at The Choc Pot originate from Ash and Deej's very own home repertoire of recipes. The sweet stuff that they used to cook at home whilst studying and working has been lifted up, tested, fine-tuned and successfully translated into their ever-evolving and oh-so-sweet menu.